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Silver Anklets

Silver Anklets

Look! The spark in her eyes

The million dollar smile

And watch her face glow

When her guy bought her a pair of silver anklets.

The silver anklets now adorned her pretty little feet.

She doesn't need words to express her feelings.

As the tinkling sound of anklets told her side of the story.

She had waited for it so long;

And she danced and sang a song of love.

For now she knows to whom she belongs.

The feelings were so strong

And nothing can go wrong.

The anklets were the promise from her guy that he would be tied to her forever no matter what.

Little was she aware that one day the weight of the anklets on her feet would be a burden to carry.

She has let herself be enslaved and chained.

But Alas! Now all in vain.

The tinkling sound of anklets is now replaced by the sobs.

The silver anklets were nothing but a trap set for her well in advance.

She could do nothing but leave everything to chance.

In the hope, one day, her guy may remember the forgotten promise and come back to her at once.

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