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Something's less, Something's missing

I look up to the sky

There are clouds

Grey and dark

Filled with rain

It shall rain sooner or later

And quench the earth's thirst

Everything shall be bright and green again

All new  and fresh

Full of life and new hopes

The cool breeze shall make the leaves dance out with joy

But something's less

And which is surely missing

Is none other than smile on my face

And the glint in my eyes.

Which you stole, when you left

And cannot be found again.

Everything looks perfect

And in sync with nature

Except myself

My heart yearns for you day and night

I wish you were never out of sight. 

Rains shall come again

Making my restless soul miss you even more than yesterday.

I am not the same again

Surely something's less

Something's missing

And that's none other than you from me. 


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