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Stormy Night🌩💥

When I slept last night, everything seemed peaceful and calm. 

I felt cozy and warm inside my velvety blanket. 

I felt safe and nothing shall cause harm. 

But suddenly, I woke up to the sounds of thunder and lightning. 

I know, I had been hit by a storm. 

Sky was all dark and grey, 

to my dismay. 

The wrath of nature  carried with it a warning..  

The wind chimes knocked against each other generating eerie sounds. 

Making my heart pound. 

I looked all around

Strong ghastly winds pierced through the open window pane

And shook me hard . 

All I did was shiver and fear. 

Everything was dim and unclear. 

Its intensity was strong and severe. 

All I wished was  it would pass. 

And we never cross paths. 

Then came the rains

To ease the pain. 

The sky was once again crystal clear and blue. 

The night of the storm was taken over by the sunny morning. 

The chirping of birds and cool breeze soothed the restless soul. 

Everything seems under control. 

The rays of sun promised new hope. 

Life was once again wonderful . 

The night of sorrow and despair had passed. 

Storms come now and then

To shake us 

To wake us

To test us 

But never stay too long;

If they know we are strong, 

Can cause no harm. 

So stay calm . 

Life is always bitter and sweet

But it is definitely a treat. 

Raise your head and march forward. 

And never look back and retreat. 

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