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Tiny drops of water that roll down from the eyes

Every now and then

Have so much to convey.

Tears are the finest forms of communications;

And are such wonderful emotions

That cannot be spoken.

Tears are for happy reunions;

Tears are for sad departures.

Tears of fame, Tears of shame,

Tears that complain and proclaim

Need no words to explain.

Tears of fear of losing someone near and dear.

Tears to grieve; Tears to deceive

Tears to believe; Tears to relieve

Tears to lure; Tears to cure

Tears to lubricate and Tears to liberate.

Love Tears; Hate Tears

Simply cannot ignore the tears.

Tears are powerful weapons that tear and rip the hearts.

Tears of independence,

Tears of innocence,

Tears of repentance

Always shed in abundance.

Tears of heartache

And tears to cure heartaches.

Tears that shatter are the tears that matter.

Sweet tears; Bitter tears

Tears are so versatile

They serve so many purposes.

Tears are precious little pearls

That is not exclusive only to the girls.

Tears are not sign of weakness

But it also represents strength to endure the pain.

Tears can melt stony hearts

And convert them into sweethearts.

Tears of hurt, act like balm

For they soothe and calm.

Tears will always reveal and never conceal.

Tears to extinguish the fire that burns deep within.

Tears are sheer magic

They have no colour, yet so many shades.

So let the tears roll down the cheeks once a while.

For what they portray;

Is genuinely honest and fair

That certainly clears the air.

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