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The Bride's Veil

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

The Bride's Veil

Look! There is a bride behind the veil.

The veil; that tells her tale

Which needs to be unveiled.

She is overloaded with charm

And needs protection from all the harm.

Is this the reason to hide behind the veil.?

I think she is shy and that makes me wonder why?

And anxiously look forward to her reply.

As she desperately waits for her guy.

She seems scared;

For if she unmasks her veil

Her face may reveal and the world may know what she feels.

So she chooses to hide beneath the veil.

The veil conceals her unspoken desires, joys, sadness, excitement and emotions.

For she is a bride; her father's pride.. And needs to be guarded

against evil- eyed.

Probably that's why it becomes essential for her to hide.

The veil symbolizes her purity and virginity,

It adorns her beauty.

The bride.. She is an epitome of grace and divinity

And needs a veil to safeguard her dignity;

And is a mark of her identity.

Whatever may be the reason

The tradition has always prevailed

Every bride hides beneath a veil; A veil that tells her tale;

Which needs to be unveiled. 👰

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