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The Lost Ring

The last time I saw it was this very morning

It lay happily on my ring finger.

Now in the evening when I accidently noticed my finger, it wasn't there.

OMG.. Where did it disappear?

My precious gold ring was all studded with rubies and diamonds.

I always loved to flaunt it with pride.

I panicked and frowned

Went crazy and looked for it all around.

Beneath the bed,

in the cupboard,

on the shelf,

below the bed,

in a vanity box that lay on the dressing table.

To my dismay, all in vain

As I could not find it.

If the little cutie could just speak and let me know where it is..

I would have run and gotten it back in no time.

How much I miss her.

It brought with it good fortune and luck.

The sentiments attached to it were simply incredible.

Without it I am just so sad and it seems as if someone has robbed my million bucks.

My face lost all its glow

Losing it is a huge blow

The stars in the sky envied it

For its glitter was much more than their dazzle and shine.

The ring was a present from someone special and carried with it love and blessings.

It has been on my finger for years.

Now I am all in tears.

I look for it there and there

But is found nowhere

I was just about to give up

When my eyes noticed something sparkle in the lavatory sink

It was nothing but my lost ring.

My heart cried out with joy.

The ring that was lost is now found

There is now no need to frown

For the finger has got back its well deserved crown. 💍

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