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The Stock Market

One moment kissing the skies;

Other moments touching the rock bottoms

The stock market days are always filled with excitement and action.

There are bulls;

There are bears

The intention of both is to gain from the investments.

At times, the price fluctuations make the investors dance and merry;

Other times make them yell and cry.

The humble investor just prays that all the efforts and hard earned money doesn't end up in the drain.

Market sentiments are always unpredictable.

One hasty decision can end in losses and turn the tables.

Still it tempts and lures,

For the desire to make and grow money is simply irresistible.

Trading in stock market

carries with it risks and dangers

Still a word of caution doesn't restrict an average investor.

Lack of knowledge can land one at streets,

Other times a little luck and knowledge can make one's pocket swell with glitter and gold.

Stock Market helps the businesses raise money they need to expand and grow.

Rising stocks indicate bloom, with rising GDP, helping the economy flourish and develop.

Stock markets are volatile

But still investment in shares

with precise knowledge and market study seem worthwhile.

Learn the strategies and skills

and be a master .

Invest in diversified portfolios

Avoid short term trading, is what a wise investor needs to look for.

So the investments in stocks rise and shine.

With few useful tips, knowledge and a daring heart..

I am all set to invest and trade in stocks… Are you?

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May 12, 2022

I could never understand stock market

Mukta Kapur
Mukta Kapur
May 12, 2022
Replying to

Not only you.. But many.. Thank you for reading😊🙏

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