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What is it...

What is it my heart yearns for? 

It's not something that can be bought with money; for it is precious and priceless. 

I know it's somewhere near;

But still hard to find;

For it loves playing the wicked game of hide and seek. 

Luck and destiny plays a big role

I crave it  day and night. 

It's sweeter than the sweet nectar

And bitterest than the bitter poison. 

At one point taking one  over the moon;

Next moment landing one in deep dark dungeons. 

From generating fears of losing it

to melting  down all the fears when being embraced by it. 

The journey's have never been comfortable. 

The roads are always bumpy and never straight. 

There are twists and turns;

Still the desire within burns  and churns. 

The hunt never seems to end. 

My heart is all tangled amidst the threads of hope and despair. 

Waiting for it at times seems unfair. 

My eyes are all soaked up in tears. 

The pain is now hard to bear. 

I wish you were near and here

To hold my hands forever and care. 

Together we make an awesome pair. 

I am waiting for that dawn when my prayers are accepted and  answered. 

Before I give up… come soon my love.. 

Let only the love blossom and bloom; leaving no room for gloom.. 💞

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