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When I stepped back...

Life is all about going with the flow; fast or slow. 

Step by step crossing the hurdles

And marching forward. 

Never looking back . 

But still at times.. I deliberately stepped  back. 

Do not think I am a coward when I  have stepped back. 

It was a choice rather than an option. 

I paused a little and decided to step back. 

At times… 

When I had sensed danger;

When moving forward leads to no definite direction. 

When I needed to rethink my  plans ; I stepped back. 

I stepped backward when I  needed someone to walk with me. 

I stepped back to match the steps. 

Nevertheless I also stepped back when I doubted the intentions and my instincts refrained me from moving forward . 

At times.. 

I stepped back because I made wrong decisions and had no wish to pursue them now. 

I stepped back ; when I felt I was not ready to take a step forward. 

Maybe I needed time to learn from the past lessons; to move forward.

I stepped back for.. 

I had  to sort few things

So that no harm it brings.

I stepped back to save myself from the mishaps.

There were things which I needed to wrap up. 

To move forward, sometimes we need to take a step backwards.

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