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When the love birds kiss💋

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Muah… What a bliss to have it

from a miss.

Nothing but a long, passionate kiss.

That is what makes her, his.

A kiss that generates spark and heat,

is more than a treat.

The lovers always greet each other with a kiss when they meet.

The kiss to strengthen the bond and kiss to convey the message that both are fond of each other.

The love birds never give it a miss.

The kiss always does magic and tricks.

The gentle pressing of the lips against each other and soft caresses are what the heart yearns for.

The feeling of being so close to each other takes love to the next level.

The loving and passionate moments are always sealed with a kiss.

Kiss to heal and kiss to make up;

Kiss to arouse and a kiss to

Kiss to convey approval.

Kiss acts as fuel to keep the love birds clinging to each other.

Kiss reveals the unspoken desires.

Kiss that sets love in motion

is a sweet and tender emotion.

Kiss to ignite the flames and Kiss that puts love on fire is what the hearts desire.

Kiss to begin a date,

Kiss to end a date.

Kiss to soothe and calm

For it ends all the doubts and qualms.

A kiss to beat the blues ;

A kiss has many hues and shades.

A kiss never lets the love fade.

The benefits of a kiss just amaze.

A kiss to commence a fruitful and intense relationship;

That's deeper than the ocean's depth.

A kiss is an unspoken promise;

The love between the couple shall always bloom and leave

no room for gloom.

I am yours and you are mine

is all that it conveys when the lovers' breaths intertwine in a kiss.

Muah… What a bliss to have it from a miss..

Nothing but a long passionate kiss. 💋

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Feb 17, 2022

Beautiful explation about kiss, kiss is the real fire of love 💕

One kiss bounds two souls in second

kiss in love takes you to the heaven

kiss is the lovely trick to stop words

kiss is when words become superfluous

A kiss is secret instead of ear told to the mouth

A kiss makes meet of pole of North and South

kiss is messanger of love and tenderness

A kiss is sanctified and a kiss is sweetness

A kiss shown outside tells love fever inside

Mind Stop thinking and feel love inside

Feb 18, 2022
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