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Why does Rose have Thorns

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

One summer evening ,

I wandered in the little garden behind my house aimlessly.

My eyes caught a glimpse of a delicate flower.

It was a beautiful red rose that had chased my gaze.

It waved at me amidst bushes as if it wanted to say 'Hi'

I paused for a moment to admire its beauty.

Each petal delicately woven into a blooming flower.

What a fine piece of workmanship and art.

Already mesmerized by its appearance;

I bent a little to inhale its fragrance.

The aroma so captivating soothed my restless soul.

I sensed pleasure and thought I had found a treasure.

The moment I bent a little further

to pluck the dazzling beauty;

Unaware of the little thorns on duty.

Ahh! The little devils pricked my finger and it oozed blood.

The tears then rolled down my cheeks.

The thorns had pricked my consciousness and taught me a lesson.

For now I know the meaning of being in love and what it's like being consumed by lust.

For love is divine and lust mortal and dreadful.

Till the time I had only love in my eyes for the rose and admire its beauty

It gave me pleasure and soothed my wandering soul.

I felt light and everything seemed right.

The moment the lust creeped in;

And I tried to pluck the rose;

it stole the pleasure and what left was just pain and hurt.

I bent down again, this time; to kiss the rose.

I felt sorry for my actions;

For my eyes had been blinded by the dust of lust.

I bid her goodbye.

The Rose with Thorns had burnt my lust and now I know what true love is all about.

For true love is pure and divine

So never ever dare to malign

It with a heap of lust; Trust me

For that's not fair and just. 🌹❤

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