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Winter's Magic

It was all calm and quiet

When it snowed last night

Mother nature is now all dressed up in white.

Seems like a happy new bride.

The rivers, hills , mountains and trees all dazzled in shiny white.

What a treat for the eyes

and pleasant sight.

The fairies had cast their spells

and sprinkled the snowflakes

that is featherlight.

The season of love and romance shall now blossom and touch new heights.

The snow as pure and innocent as dove,

that came straight from the clouds above.

And covered everything in a thick white blanket whatever laid beneath it.

Winter's delight.

The love birds long for this moment;

The perfect time for them to unite

and hold each other tight in their arms.

So the frost doesn't harm

For winters are just meant to charm.

And keep each other cozy and warm.

Winter is the season of cold and snow.

The children danced and played with snow all around below the warm winter sun.

The time of the year everyone desperately waits for has finally arrived.

Winter's magic shall now be unveiled and reign.

The festivities and celebrations shall make their way.

Bonfires, hot chocolates, cookies and cakes;

The heart just craves for them night and day.

The smiles ,winter brings on people's faces may always stay.

The snow has now lifted the mood and spirits

Everything is now fresh and renewed.

All white and bright

to everyone's delight

Cheers! Winter is back again

The snowflakes are sprinkling here and there

Let it fall.. Let it fall everywhere

And bury with it all the gloom and despair.

So the hopes and happy times make their way and forever stay.

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2 comentarios

01 mar 2022

What a delightful you have written.

That Made me totally unspoken.

So good feelings So good sprinkling.

Every word every line heart touching.

Written so intelligently with love and romance.

Though snow is white but giving colourful charm.

Salute to your poem 👌🌹 all the best.👍

Me gusta
Mukta Kapur
Mukta Kapur
01 mar 2022
Contestando a

Thank you for the lovely wishes. Glad to know that you liked it 😊❤🙏

Me gusta
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